Fun Fiesta Birthday Party

My baby turned one, or should I say “uno” last week! I cannot believe the speed in which this last year has passed by! Like a super-duper whirlwind! Is that normal? Maybe it’s just that there are so many people around me all the time, it feels like a whirlwind… maybe that’s it : )

We had a fiesta for Oaks’s first birthday. It seemed a good idea since it is so close to Cinco de Mayo. And who can pass up chips and cheese dip/guac/salsa… better yet, mango salsa? Not me. It was quite yummy! And we had a fun time hanging with family as usual!



These balloons are so fun! And they don’t require helium.






I made burrito cakes! Each “burrito” is a vanilla sponge cake rolled up with buttercream icing inside and decorated with icing and starburst candies. Wrapped up in its foil, you really can’t tell it’s cake from a distance! We had fun eating it, too!

He started sipping from a straw too! Way to go, Oaksie!


I love that you are getting so big, but I’m sad it’s going by so fast! This year you’ve helped me keep my cool and have brought much peace to my heart.


You have three teeth and sweet little curls. You love to eat, can crawl and pull up, like to dance, like to imitate laughing, can clap, say “ball”, “mama”, “dada” and what sounds to be ” Ezra” (big brother).  You’re not sleeping through the night yet. You are a good shopping buddy and like to people watch.  You love to wrestle with the brothers in the pillows. Everybody loves you! (especially me) Each day is brighter because you are in it!





Happy first birthday, my baby!


Our Chicken Journey : Weeks three & four

We are growing rapidly over here! Lots of feathers and longer beaks! The down side is that the bigger the chicken, the bigger their poos.

They enjoy getting out of their dog crate and roaming around the yard. They typically migrate over to the wooden playground and scratch around in the dirt under there. The kids put them in their run (which is still unfinished) and let them peck around. They just do chicken stuff and are fun to watch. They like being together as a four-pack and when one is separated from the “flock” she calls out in a really loud peep, as if calling to her sister-hens. It’s kinda sweet.

IMG_6973  IMG_6950





Ginger Pippen-Sqeak (Pip) thinks she is a princess chicken!

Next on the backyard chicken list is a coop to attach to their run. Still deciding on how to do it…

Our Chicken Journey: Week Two

These little ladies are growing so fast! We brought them home two weeks ago and they are making their way into our hearts pretty quickly! It’s fun to watch the kids interact with them. And the chicks are becoming less jumpy around the kids! Every time you put your hand into the box, you will most likely bring back a chicken! They like to perch on your finger. I already feel like they’ve taken to me as their “mama” (since I am the one mostly taking care of them ; )


We found a free chicken run that needs some TLC but hey, it was free!


Now all we have to get is a hen house for them to roost in at night. We are hoping to find something affordable on-line but might end up constructing something ourselves…. but we still have some time.

We took them on their first backyard excursion and they loved it!


Ez, the chicken whisperer.



Roosting practice!

The chickens have moved out of the house (yeah!) and are living in a giant dog crate in the carport. The kitchen was getting kinda stinky ; ) And I think we are all allergic to chickens or pine shavings or something… quite a few colds are a brewing coincidentally. Maybe it’s just the wonderful pollinated spring air…or it’s the chickens!

So far it’s been really fun to have chickens! And I just have to keep thinking it’s fun!



A few more Parties with my People

I have five children and guess what? They all have a birthday. At this point in time there have been 18 birthday parties (the baby is not quite a year old, so no party yet: )). That’s a lot of parties!

There are two spring babies and one in each of the other seasons. I love how that worked out! We get to celebrate all year long!

I have written about a few of the parties over the years (found on my party gallery page) but I haven’t kept up like I’ve wanted to. Sometimes it’s just too much trouble to host, plan, decorate, and photograph a party by yourself, let alone write about the whole thing! But I do like looking back on what we did and seeing how the kiddos grow over the years.

So I thought I’d share some photos from other parties we’ve had. Some have themes, some don’t. But all are memorable and bring a smile to my face when I see those sweet memories!

Ezra’s 4th Birthday Pirate Party

Satchel’s First Birthday – Geometric shapes and bold colors


Satchel’s Bug Birthday Party



Piper’s Spring themed 4th birthday Party – rabbits and flowers





Knox’s 3rd Birthday Party – Superheros!





Dollar Store DIY- Succulent Wreath

Today I’m going to share with you how to make a very simple succulent wreath. Aside from being so pretty, it only costs a few dollars to make! Now that’s my kind of wreath!


I’m labeling this a Dollar Store DIY because I found these pretty succulent picks at the Dollar Tree ($1 each – except the smaller ones came three to a stem)!!! Hobby Lobby has a great selection too, but they are NOT $1. You could collect them over a few months and use coupons, though ; )


Don’t get me wrong, I know the time and money it takes to make an elaborate wreath. But this is not that wreath!
Here’s what you will need…

  • Glue gun and glue gun sticks
  • Grapevine wreath (size is up to you)
  • Succulent picks (got mine at the dollar store!)
  • Wire cutters
  • Ribbon or something to hang it with

Step 1

Look at your wreath and figure out the best way it would hang…


Mine was a little fat in one place so I thought it best to put the succulents there.

Step 2

Take the plastic coated wire picks off of your succulents, well most of them. Leave the longer ones. I used my wire cutters but you might be able to pull them off by hand.


Step 3

Position your succulents in a pleasing design. Play around with different layouts until you find one that looks good. I chose to group all of mine in an offset cluster at the bottom of the wreath. The possibilities are endless! Just know that if you decide to make a fully covered wreath, you will need many more succulents and the cost of your wreath will probably quadruple!


Step 5

Now get your trusty hot glue gun ( or the one you borrowed from your mother-in-law and never returned 😬…thanks g-mama!) and glue those succulents into place! I started in the middle and worked my way out, putting glue directly on the grapevine wreath.


Step 6

Decide where you want to hang your beautiful succulent wreath!

This beautiful wreath could end up costing you only a few dollars!

Here’s my cost breakdown:

  • grapevine wreath- $4.99 (used 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby) so it was $3.00
  • I purchased my succulents from Dollar Tree- so each one was $1.00 – so $12.00 (some came attached in a three part stem)
  • everything else I had on hand – glue gun, glue sticks, hanging ribbon

I hope this inspires you to create a fun DIY succulent wreath and maybe spend an afternoon crafting something pretty for yourself or someone you love!

More Dollar Store DIY goodness to come!

Star Wars Birthday Party

He is turning FIVE! I cannot believe it has been five years already…it flew by! Could it be that we threw three other children in the mix during the five year span of his life? Maybe… : ) Time really does pass quickly. I think I am finally realizing the importance of making the most of every opportunity, especially when it involves my sweet loved ones. We had a fun party, and at the end of the day we had one happy kid! (with quite a few boxes of new lego toys!) IMG_3494 IMG_3489 IMG_3479 IMG_3473 IMG_3468 IMG_3466 IMG_3456 IMG_3451 IMG_3450 IMG_3449 IMG_3447 IMG_3445

A Sock Monkey Themed Birthday Party

My sweet baby boy turned one last week! It’s hard to believe he is already one, time flies by! He is walking around this place like a champ, too. His favorite things these days are peek-a-boo, going outside, late night bottles and of coarse, mommy.

I love birthday parties and I enjoy planning out a theme. I chose a sock monkey theme for little E’s party, I knew he wouldn’t mind if I picked the theme! I think it came together quite nicely. We had a very memorable day and unusually warm March weather, which allowed us to be outside ( his favorite)! Here are a few pictures from the party!





    Kid, we love you! Happy 1st Birthday!

Until next time!