Our Chicken Journey: Autumn

The warmth (and humidity) of summer is still lingering. The chickens made it through the sweltering summer months and October is here already. They have been laying eggs now for almost two months. It’s funny: the very week they decided to lay their first eggs, we were away on vacation! I was kinda bummed to have worked so hard all spring and summer making a good life for those chickens and they go and lay their first eggs for the chicken sitters, go figure! I’m over it now, as gathering the eggs has become a daily task. It’s still exciting though! Just today I happened upon a chicken in the nesting box right as the egg came out and I watched it dry before my eyes. It’s pretty amazing.

The experience as a whole has been rewarding. Sometimes yucky but mostly fun. The kids love going to get the eggs and most of the eggs have made it back to the kitchen!

In regards to the ladies themselves, I really enjoy watching them and seeing how they get along. It’s been fun seeing them grow up, and they sure did grow! They are big fat chickens! The pecking order is real! I have been pecked many times by the “bully” and she is the smallest one. I told her to be nice or she might become fried chicken.

IMG_8191  IMG_8751






Our Chicken Journey: Summer

We are easing into summer. The weather has not been too hot so far and the rain has been consistently falling each week this past month. I haven’t even had to water the garden except to add food because the thunder storms have brought the rains.

The big kids have a few more weeks of school and then we will take on the summer with its pool days, lazy afternoons and chicken keeping. Hopefully before school starts back we will have four egg-laying hens. I can’t wait!














Right now, their favorite treats are arugula, apples, corn on the cob, and dried meal-worms. I’ve started composting so at least they are “paying” in poop. They are fun to watch and do some pretty funny things when they are frightened.

One thing’s for sure, we have really enjoyed watching them grow.

Our chicken journey: weeks seven & eight 

The weather has been really nice and sunny the past couple of weeks. I’ve enjoyed being outside with the babies. We happened to make an impromptu mosaic patio around our existing fire pit and we got a trampoline 🤗 so things are looking quite exciting in the backyard.

The chickens are doing fine in the coop and we are getting into a little routine with keeping them. They put themselves to roost each night ( which is really neat) and maintaining them is not too much work. I feed and water them daily and clean out the poo almost every other day.

They like to roam around the yard and scratch around under the pine trees. I need to make them a place to take a dust bath.

They are besties! And they are getting more used to life in our backyard! Now to brave the hot NC summer!

Our Chicken Journey: Weeks five & six

The chickens are six weeks old now and the temps are moving up. Yay! We love warm weather! More time outside is definitely helps a mama out!

We were blessed with a (free) loaner chicken coop thanks to family and Facebook! It really makes the whole experience less stressful when money is not in the equation especially since we are first-timers! So far I’m sold on the idea of a little backyard flock! Go get some chickens, people!

IMG_6999  It’s a well built chicken coop! Perfect for four or more chickens. And we can move it around the yard pretty easily if we need to. We will probably use the larger run to put the chickens in when they need to stay put while I’m in and out with the kids, otherwise I  will let them out to roam the yard when we are outside playing this summer.



We had fun going to get the coop. Playing in the back of a pick-up truck is always exciting for some reason!






I think these chickens will fit right in our crazy backyard!


Chicken Becky isn’t the most beautiful chicken in the bunch, but we still love her.







Now if they can just learn how to go up the ramp into the roost by themselves.


We love our chicken friends!

My goals for the summer are to keep the coop clean! I might try to make some homemade spray for disinfecting. We still have to predator-proof the larger run. I also want to plant lots of plants near the coop like herbs and flowers to pretty it up around there!

A little Back-Yard Nature & the Skunk Wizard

Our back yard, though small, contains many fascinating wonders for my children (and myself) to discover. From tiny creepy-crawlies to brilliant floral colors, year-round there is always something “really cool” to find if we are willing to look.

Just last night with the help of an outdoor game motion camera (and some leftover chicken) we discovered a few interesting creatures that lurk in the yard after dark…some that i maybe didn’t want to know about : )

Stray cats…


an opossum…


a skunk (or the Skunk Wizard)


and my favorite (just kidding) a COYOTE!!!


WOW, that’s some nature right there! All that while we slept soundly in our beds. My kids thought that was so cool!

Nature in the backyard is mostly beautiful but on occasion it’s not so nice. My sweet dramatic girl was stung twice this week so we are making it a rule to wear something on the feet if we decide to play around the yard. Normally I am all for bare feet, but considering the recent glass incident and bee stings, it’s just gonna save me money in the long run : )

A few years ago this happened! Amazing nature strikes again! This was something we enjoyed watching from the safety of the house through the window! Is it not the coolest thing!? Honeybees are really fascinating! Watch out, they sting!



Cicadas are also kid-tastic creatures we find (and hear) in our backyard. My kids can really scare me with a cicada shell! We heard one buzzing around and followed it to this branch. I’m not sure if he was on his last leg/limb or not but he was so interesting and fun to watch.



Iris = my favorite flower



Flowers are in abundance here, but not with any help from me! I love it when something grows just because God made it grow! My thumbs are pretty black : )






Our yard in the spring has some beautiful colors.


But Fall is my favorite!

IMG_3707fall 2014 iphone pics 206IMG_6159

fall 2014 iphone pics 212

Everyday there is something new to discover about the world. It’s obvious there is a creative God! We can see it when we take the time to look!

How many are your works, Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.

Psalm 104:24




I’m thankful to have a yard where my kids can run around and discover things. Even the ones that don’t smell so nice…or might sting me…or could eat me!



The best part is that I get to see them get excited about the little things!