Our Chicken Journey: Week One

This week on the first day of spring, I took two little boys and a baby to the local farm and garden/tractor supply store. Our mission: to look at baby chicks. It was the glorious first day of spring and I had a hunch we would find some baby animals to “ooh” and “ahh” over. And it’s fun, cheap (cheep!) entertainment for kids. (that and watching construction… and road paving)  Anyway, thirty minutes later we arrived home with a box of baby chickens- three days old- to be exact; freshly hatched peepers!

I had hopes of getting chickens this year, eventually. But I definitely had not planned to get them that day. It just kinda happened. The boys were really excited and I felt excited with them. We are going to DO this!

So thanks to the haul of diapers we get every other month, the chicks would stay in a large amazon box. I purchased all the start-up supplies and set up their little habitat… in our kitchen. And there they live, peeping away, eating, drinking and sleeping (and definitely pooping).

We have chickens ya’ll.


Meet Becky (black Australorp), Speedy McNugget (golden laced Wyandotte), Rey (Silver Laced Wyandotte), and Pip (Buff Orpington). All sweet little hens who will one day provide us with some sweet little eggs!

For the next two weeks they will be inside. Which means I have two weeks to figure out a plan! They are growing so fast! They are already getting little feathers and look slightly taller than a few days ago.

I’m challenging myself to stay positive throughout this chicken keeping experience. So far, so good! Iv’e read lots of articles with tons of advice and pinned many chicken keeping ideas on pinterest (who knew it was so popular?). But no matter how much I read and hear other’s chicken keeping stories,  I think the best way we will learn about it is to jump right in and do it! Embrace the peeping and the pooping!

So that’s what we are gonna do!

More to come on our backyard chicken keeping journey!



Dollar Store DIY- Succulent Wreath

Today I’m going to share with you how to make a very simple succulent wreath. Aside from being so pretty, it only costs a few dollars to make! Now that’s my kind of wreath!


I’m labeling this a Dollar Store DIY because I found these pretty succulent picks at the Dollar Tree ($1 each – except the smaller ones came three to a stem)!!! Hobby Lobby has a great selection too, but they are NOT $1. You could collect them over a few months and use coupons, though ; )


Don’t get me wrong, I know the time and money it takes to make an elaborate wreath. But this is not that wreath!
Here’s what you will need…

  • Glue gun and glue gun sticks
  • Grapevine wreath (size is up to you)
  • Succulent picks (got mine at the dollar store!)
  • Wire cutters
  • Ribbon or something to hang it with

Step 1

Look at your wreath and figure out the best way it would hang…


Mine was a little fat in one place so I thought it best to put the succulents there.

Step 2

Take the plastic coated wire picks off of your succulents, well most of them. Leave the longer ones. I used my wire cutters but you might be able to pull them off by hand.


Step 3

Position your succulents in a pleasing design. Play around with different layouts until you find one that looks good. I chose to group all of mine in an offset cluster at the bottom of the wreath. The possibilities are endless! Just know that if you decide to make a fully covered wreath, you will need many more succulents and the cost of your wreath will probably quadruple!


Step 5

Now get your trusty hot glue gun ( or the one you borrowed from your mother-in-law and never returned 😬…thanks g-mama!) and glue those succulents into place! I started in the middle and worked my way out, putting glue directly on the grapevine wreath.


Step 6

Decide where you want to hang your beautiful succulent wreath!

This beautiful wreath could end up costing you only a few dollars!

Here’s my cost breakdown:

  • grapevine wreath- $4.99 (used 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby) so it was $3.00
  • I purchased my succulents from Dollar Tree- so each one was $1.00 – so $12.00 (some came attached in a three part stem)
  • everything else I had on hand – glue gun, glue sticks, hanging ribbon

I hope this inspires you to create a fun DIY succulent wreath and maybe spend an afternoon crafting something pretty for yourself or someone you love!

More Dollar Store DIY goodness to come!

A Lego Party

It’s that time of year again, October or otherwise known in my family as birth-month! My mom, sister, brother, uncle and son all have October birthdays!! It is also my favorite time of year, when the air turns cold and the leaves begin their slow beautiful death! The maple trees in our yard are some of the most beautiful ones in the neighborhood. They turn the brightest colors in fall. I just love the whole stinking season!!!

So we asked my soon to be four-year-old what kind of party he wanted to have. He thought for a moment and said, “a ninjago, lego star wars, green arrow party.” Hmmmmm, that’s kinda different I say. He is so cute and he loves him some super heroes! I finally convinced him to narrow it down to just a Lego themed party and he was okay with that.

The first thing I did, with my party wheels a turnin’, was to order some cute little lego block candy molds and lego guy molds. It was the inspiration for the whole party. I decided to stick with the traditional bold colors of yellow, red, and blue, with some green and orange added in here and there. We started with the invite.


I used bold colored card stock and found these cute printable labels. I just printed them out on a sheet of white card stock and cut them with my paper cutter. I glued everything down and mailed them out to friends and family.

For favors I used the fun Lego block molds found here to make fun Lego crayons! Fortunately my kids love to break crayons so we just used up nearly all of our broken crayons to melt down and make the Lego crayons.  Image

I made a few batches to make enough crayons for everyone. I even made a big Lego guy for another prize for some of the games we played.

Here are the favor bags all ready to give out to the kiddos. Image

I put them in clear treat bags I already had on hand and found this fun printable for the folded label.  I had to print out four to get enough for all the favors. I cut the lego paper to size and folded it over the clear bags. Then I stapled it to secure. I used the legothick font that is free to download and wrote out all the names, cut them out and taped them to each packet. I know, this is a little overboard, but it was kinda fun!!

Next, I had to think of something fun for the kids to do! We have a fun “jumpy house” as my kids call it, so that was one of the main attractions. Image

And it coordinated nicely with the colors, ha!  And the best thing is that it was given to us by my aunt, so it is a party staple!!

I looked all over pinterest for other fun games with a lego theme, and boy the possibilities were endless. Check out my lego pinterest board.

I decided to make a lego block pinata. It was easy to make, however, it was NOT easy for 3 and 4 year-olds to bust open! It was a hoot watching them take turns trying to knock it down!  But I saved $15-$20 by making my own!  IMG_8595

IMG_8629-2My hubby had to finally tear it open for them, but it was still fun, and they didn’t seem to mind that it was a little difficult. They all got their candy in the end!

Next I found a really impressive punch-out game and thought I would try and make one for the party. It was great because it resembled a Lego block and it was a fun way to involve all the kids. Here is the tutorial on how to make it.  A bit timely to make but it was so worth it!

I filled it with fun things like ring pops, hair bows, stickers, and other random stuff. I put one of the big Lego guy crayons in the center.  The kids loved it and I loved watching them punch! IMG_8543 IMG_8631-2 IMG_8632-2 IMG_8729-2        I let my birthday boy fill a jar with Lego blocks for a “guess how many lego blocks are in the jar” game. We counted them before the party and let the guests, old and young, write their guesses. Someone even guessed the exact amount! I gave a goodie bag to the winner!

IMG_8499IMG_8542      I love a good photo booth and I had the idea of coloring bricks in our carport for a photo booth wall. They kinda resembled Lego bricks and it was great for a memory from the party.  We collected random stuff to use like fun glasses and even the beloved Hulk hand. IMG_8677-2 IMG_8679-2


The possibilities are endless with Legos, that’s what makes them the greatest toy in the world! I think my kid would agree and he sure had fun!

Here are a few more pics from the Lego party!

IMG_8538 IMG_8534 IMG_8533 IMG_8532 IMG_8531 IMG_8501

IMG_8496Here is a recap of all the Lego party fun and where to find the awesome ideas and tutorials.

Lego Invite “You’re Invited” labels

Lego Birthday Banner      – this banner printable is awesome! I printed it, cut the letters out and glued them to red and black card stock, then I just used black double fold bias tape and sewed the thing together!

Lego Pinata   – for my pinata I  filled a big ol’ box with candy, wrapped it in red paper and cut out circles for the look of a Lego block. Attach a string securely to tie it up. Ours ended up falling down before it busted!

Lego Punch-out Tutorial  – this game is worth the effort! I may even try to reuse it for another party!!

Lego brick paper printable label   – for my favors I put a few homemade Lego crayons in a clear goodie bag, cut off a little of the bag, folded it down and stapled the folded card stock paper together over the baggie. Then I taped the kiddos names on.

Legothick font

My Lego Pinterest board

Until next time!

Stenciled Storage Box DiY

I always keep an eye out for cute storage bins. Whenever my husband and I decide to clean out anything: toys, clothes, etc. we always joke about bins, he’ll say, “We need some bins,” every time! Well, one of those times, in a desperate attempt to remove the clutter of the random toy collection growing out of control, he ended up bringing home MASSIVE, UGLY plastic bins from Wally World. I mean, you could fit all three of our children inside one of these things (which they loved)! And he bought two of them! In went the toys, away went the clutter and we haven’t opened the thing since (it’s been nestled in the closet taking up space for the past 6 months)! The other is going to be a donate/yard sale bin. Very sad that we had so much stuff and don’t even miss it. What’s a momma to do?

Anyway, on to the DiY! Just about everywhere you look in stores today you can probably find a variety of cute, adorable, multipurpose bins. A while back, I had my eye on these cute dishes from anthropologie. I thought they would be so cute to use to display and photograph my jewelry. I was perusing the local TJMaxx and found some so similar, I forgot all about the other ones! They were perfect, a set of four, for nearly the price of one at anthro. And they were packaged in this cute little wooden box!IMG_7562-2It’s a soft wood box, roughly 6 x 9 inches and could be used for storing all sorts of goodies! I thought I would give it a little design-love.

IMG_7560-2Here’s what I used for this DiY:

~ stencil pack

~ white acrylic paint

~ painter’s tape

~ foam circle brush

~ my BOX!

I decided where I wanted the stencil to go and taped it to the box securely.

IMG_7564-2 IMG_7565-2Then I dabbed a little paint on my foam brush and started to “pounce” the paint on to the wood, just lightly enough to cover the wood.

IMG_7567-2 IMG_7568-2 IMG_7570-2I peeled back the tape and carefully removed the stencil to reveal a very cute design for my box!

IMG_7572-2 IMG_7573-2IMG_7571-2Woo Hoo!

IMG_7575-2Cute, Cute, Cute!

Then I continued to place, tape and paint the remaining sides and let it dry! I only painted one set of hexagons around the box because I really do love the beauty of the wood!

Here are some of the possible uses for my new and improved storage box in all its glory.

IMG_7580-2Napkin Holder

IMG_7584-2Book Storage in Living Room (my little helper liked this idea)

IMG_7585-2A Nifty Wipes Box


Although I already use this cool chevron fabric bin found here as my wipes holder : )

IMG_7591-2In the Craft Room holding my spools of velvet ribbon (notice here are some of the CUTE bowls that came in the box!)

IMG_7594-2Book Holder on the Side table in master bedroom (yes, I know, this room is needing some design TLC!)

So where would you put the box? I’m letting it live in the bedroom for now. We’ll see where it ends up. I really like its new retro look. Maybe this will inspire a bedroom makeover! It all started with a box!

Until next time!