About Me

I’m Melissa, a wife, mom of five, and keeper of the chocolate in this house. I like to make things… so I am usually surrounded by a mess! I spend most of my days playing “tea party” or pretending to be an alligator (and changing a diaper or six)! When I do get little moments to myself I am usually making something. I love my family, my art and my Savior. Let me tell you a little bit more about myself!


I am a wife to Mark (here he is when we started dating, nearly 14 years ago!) and we have five sweet (sometimes wild) babies who make us laugh (sometimes cry) daily! Life with five children, 7 years old and under can be a little challenging at times but it’s always an adventure. We are coming up on ten years of marriage and it will be a non-pregnant anniversary year (joke)! Really though, anyone with small children close in age can probable agree, I feel as if I’ve been pregnant my whole marriage and can scarcely remember married life before kids.  We’ll always have Maine! (It’s where we went on our honeymoon.)  Anyway, I married the best of the best, a man of godly character and a heart for people ( that includes children)! He is a youth minister and great teacher of the Gospel (the good news of Jesus)! I love him and I’m so thankful for his love for me!IMG_7501-2

I am an artist by nature. I love to paint and I received my BA in fine art from Milligan College in TN. (here is a self portrait from my college days) I so enjoyed my four years there and do miss being a crazy art student in a place where I could freely make art. My main job (and joy) now is being mommy to my children but my passion is to create art. I will paint again! I also love making crafty things (you can find some of them here ) and I love photography (which I also studied in school but with film and dark room!) Gasp! I will probably never get to stand in a dark room and develop and print photos ever again (although I hear film photography is making a comeback!). It was so fun!  I’m happy with my digital Canon and iphone these days!

I am a wife, mom, and artist but most importantly I am one who is covered by grace. That is how I want to be seen. I’m an imperfect person who loves a perfect Savior. I desire the things of God and to teach them to my children. I desire to be a light in darkness and a lover of truth. Jesus Christ saved me and now I truly live. Oh yes, I have bad days… a lot… but mercies are new each day and I am dependent on him for the strength to move forward! I am so blessed!

I am glad you stopped by!


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