Oatmeal Banana Bread Cookies

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I make cookies waaaaay more often than I should. I love making them. I love eating them. They don’t take up too much time to make. Once you have your “base” cookie dough, the possibilities are endless. And, in a way, cookies love you back.

What I mean is, cookies are one of those things or foods that can create feelings of love, and comfort, and happiness. They can help you show love to others in a very tangible way.

I bet you didn’t know that cookies had so many positive attributes. But they do. To me, a cookie is kinda like a hug. (and I’m not really a hug-er)

I feel they can give the same kind of comfort that a hug can… like a big ‘ol plate of warm cookie hugs.

Banana Bread is kind of like a hug too. So these cookies are a double hug!


Although so full of cookie love, this cookie idea came about from my dislike for banana chips. I found them at Aldi one day and bought them because I had never had banana chips before. And I probably won’t buy them again to eat unless I am making these cookies! To me, banana chips are not so delicious….by themselves anyway.

So I decided to add them into my new favorite oatmeal cookie recipe. It is from the Pioneer Women found here . Her oatmeal cookies are for whoopie pies but they are delicious on their own. And/or filled with frosting!

I also altered the spices in her recipe to make the cookies seem a little more banana bread-like. I added 1/2 tsp ground ginger, 1/4 tsp cardamom, and 1/4 tsp allspice in addition to the cinnamon already in the recipe.

I also used old fashioned oats instead of quick oats. It probably doesn’t really matter. Maybe it does. I say use what you have!

Then you have to break up the banana chips so… do this…
then open the drawer to your … um… neatly organized utensils… and look for that scary hammer thingy.

Do you see it?

(stay tuned for a future post on how to organize your utensil drawer ; )


I think mine’s a Kitchen Aid… You can find one similar on amazon here! It’s a useful tool, great for crushing ice too!

I really need to organize this drawer!!!

Okay back to the cookie recipe! Next do THIS to the sweet innocent banana chips…
even more than this, like break them into teeny bits…

Get your 2-year-old to help! They love to pound things up!

The banana chips will go in with the oats so maybe crush them up kinda like the size of the oats.

Then once they are mixed up…
admire the adorable baby sitting over there watching your every move…and tell him you will reward his cuteness and patience with a warm cookie… momentarily…


Scoop them out with your favorite nifty scooper… This one is similar in price to mine. It’s technically called an ice cream scoop but it is perfect for getting consistently sized cookies… I wish I had gotten one a long time ago!!


and bake them on your favorite baking pan with parchment paper… I got the box of pre-sized sheets and it makes it so much easier to line your pan!



They will not disappoint you one bit! Slightly crunchy but still chewy.
and if you are feeling cray-zay, try adding in a cup or so of freeze dried strawberries mixed in with the banana chips. So yummy.


I found them at Aldi as well… in an unusually light (in weight) bag. You will think the bag is empty but it is just full of freeze dried strawberries!
Strawberry Banana Bread Oatmeal cookies….

Now, go give someone you love a big hug and a warm cookie! I’m gonna go hug that baby!

Do you experiment with cookie recipes? What were your most surprisingly delicious combinations? Let me know!!

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