First Snow of 2017

I am determined to make this year one that I can remember. It’s not that I’m losing my memory (maybe I am a little), but I have difficulty remembering what we did on such-n-such a day, or how long ago things happened. So I am determined to document life a little better this year and from now on because it’s passing by extremely fast these days.


A few weeks ago we were anticipating snow and snow it did! I was reminded how much fun snow days are (and how difficult) with children. But despite the freezing fingers and multiple wardrobe changes there was much joyfulness experienced by all.

We made snow cream together for the first time (which is so easy). Oaks experienced his first snow and sled ride. Knox made some homemade snowshoes when his boots were soaked from sledding into the creek! Satch and Ez had fun sledding (and Mark had fun pulling them!) And I had fun photographing them.


My sweet P

My sweet Piper is turning six in a few months… It’s so hard to believe. And it’s hard to believe we have lived in this house almost five years now. We moved here when she was just about one and celebrated her first birthday here while moving boxes still filled the house. We’ve also brought three more babies home since and phew! it’s been a whirlwind. They don’t stay little for long!

I am always taking pictures of them and it was time for her turn… still can’t believe how big she is!