Remembering the Puke-poocalypse (and my sister’s wedding)

It’s been one year. One year. A terrifyingly vivid picture of how weak we all were (especially me) flashes through my mind but I laugh out loud! What they say really is true… “We’ll laugh about this…” Well we weren’t laughing last year….just puking. But when I think about it now, it just makes me crack up because it truly was a nightmare weekend (minus the beautiful wedding and beautiful fall mountains). I’ve been meaning to write about this memorable experience for a while now but the one year anniversary is the perfect time to do it. I mean really, I don’t think we will ever forget the experience but it’s good to write down the details. So here goes.

We traveled on a Thursday with four children to the beautiful NC mountains, with grand expectations of a luxurious mountain cabin stay and the excitement of my sister’s wedding. It was an enjoyable drive…well up until we followed Garmin on an alternate route and arrived at the cabin via the “back way” (which led us on a gravel one-way narrow road with no guard rails and steep embankments) My children pretty much witnessed me have an acute panic attack (which I’d never had before). Anyway, we arrived at the beautiful cabin. And it really was beautiful. We unpacked and found the nearest grocery to buy food for the weekend stay. It was FUN! We settled in for the night and the kids even enjoyed a Jacuzzi bubble bath!


Look how sweet and healthy they look! Poor babies.


It was so lovely.

We slept well that first night. Then we woke the next morning, hung out with my family, and Mark and my dad took the big kids on a little back yard hike to a pretty lake while I went to the store with my mom and grandma.

When we came back the kids returned from the hike and I noticed Mark looked a little sickly, and he said he was feeling pretty bad. I got worried.

Then he got worse, like… he was down. I wasn’t getting him back for a while. Both. Ends.

We decided that his parents would come pick him up and take him back home. That was the plan…for about an hour.

Then it happened to me. The puke-poocalypse. Both ends.  I was down. I was the Matron of Honor. Things did not look too good.

We took turns puking and such in the upstairs bathroom and tried to quarantine ourselves to the upstairs.

Did I mention that I had a newborn and I had my gallbladder removed 10 days prior to this day.

The cabin had an open concept loft-type upstairs so pretty much every sound echoed through to the downstairs area.

It was not fun anymore! My poor momma and daddy were preparing for rehearsal, we were puking, and the wedding was the next day!

As my parents and big kids were driving away to find the location of the rehearsal dinner, my condition worsened to the point that I literally thought I was dying (i know, I know so dramatic, but it’s true) I called my parents to come back, and they informed me that my oldest was puking in the back of the van! We were falling like dominoes!  But just wait, it gets worse!

The next moments were a blur… I remember thinking “I will not die, I will not die!” I rushed over to the counter and grabbed an apple and started eating it like a crazy person. Of course, a few moments later, it came back up. I remember running outside to the porch and praying that I would make it through this, or that I would just die! I have never been that sick, EVER!

I told Mark I needed an ambulance to come get me. Obviously he was better with his sickness than me! I called 911 and proceeded to tell the lady the address of the cabin. But she could not see my location!!! It was very difficult trying to explain to someone where you are when you don’t really know where you are! I just wanted them to come get me and make me better!!!

My parents returned along with my sick boy and a little while later we heard the beautiful sound of an ambulance backing down the steep drive to the cabin. I was still puking as the lovely mountain EMS people and first responders stood around my bed. I decided to let them take me to the hospital in the ambulance. I was set. They drove the 30 minute drive to the hospital. And sometime thereafter, Mark’s parents arrived so my mom could be at the rehearsal dinner. Mark and my dad came to the hospital.

fall 2015 iphone pics 001

Basically they gave me meds and fluids and many tests and said I was okay to go home. I was not going to die! Yay!

We arrived home at around two in the morning. My baby girl also began puking in the night but by the morning both kids were coming around and feeling a little better. Huge thanks to grandmama and papa for tending to them(aka: cleaning the puke off the sofa and feeding the baby) while we were out!

I was in the bed most of the day on Saturday and then got myself for the wedding which was at five.

On a positive note, my sister never came near the cabin so she didn’t get sick. Unfortunately everyone who stayed in the cabin with us was sick sometime in the next few days, even my sweet grandma. Sorry ya’ll!

fall 2015 iphone pics 002

They look a little green, don’t they? Not so peachy as before.


fall 2015 iphone pics 003

The weather was perfect and the kids came through (well mostly). The place was just beautiful and the wedding was happy!



My sister was gorgeous! Chris cleaned up nice, too!

IMG_3569       IMG_3571

The day really was beautiful for them!


I felt so bad for getting sick on her wedding weekend! What are the odds? But we came through it stronger as a family! We really bonded like never before. I saw how ridiculously dramatic I can be under extreme stress! Wow, who knew?

amanda Wedding-74         Wedding-174

But ultimately we celebrated a beautiful wedding and an unforgettable day!

I was never so ready to be home!

So there it is, the great puke-poocalypse!  Happy Anniversary, Amanda and Chris! We love you!

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