A Simple Cake Smash Shoot

I’ve never attempted any of these types of photo shoots with my kids so I thought I’d try it.

I baked a small cake and iced it then set up a little photo shoot stage with a backdrop of fabric. My little buddy was in a very happy mood and all the other kids were asleep!! (this rarely happens around here) So it was the perfect time! I’m glad we got to make a mess together!


This little man is so happy.

I took a few shots before I placed the cake in front of him. He really just wanted to crawl all around but once I showed him the cake he became very interested.


He kinda liked it.


Nothing sweeter than a baby with chocolate frosting on their face!


We finished this shoot in a little less than 10 minutes. Towards the end he was done and just wanted to crawl but it was so fun and I’m glad I got the nerve to do it! Can’t believe he’s almost ONE!

Satchel Stats

  • overall happy baby:-)
  • still wakes once in the night
  • loves big brothers and sister
  • says mama, dada, ball, hey, bye bye, uh-oh,
  • loves to play with cars and balls
  • loves to dance
  • not walking yet
  • crawls super fast
  • great eater
  • four teeth
  • gives the best hugs and snuggles
  • loves me ; )

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