A little Back-Yard Nature & the Skunk Wizard

Our back yard, though small, contains many fascinating wonders for my children (and myself) to discover. From tiny creepy-crawlies to brilliant floral colors, year-round there is always something “really cool” to find if we are willing to look.

Just last night with the help of an outdoor game motion camera (and some leftover chicken) we discovered a few interesting creatures that lurk in the yard after dark…some that i maybe didn’t want to know about : )

Stray cats…


an opossum…


a skunk (or the Skunk Wizard)


and my favorite (just kidding) a COYOTE!!!


WOW, that’s some nature right there! All that while we slept soundly in our beds. My kids thought that was so cool!

Nature in the backyard is mostly beautiful but on occasion it’s not so nice. My sweet dramatic girl was stung twice this week so we are making it a rule to wear something on the feet if we decide to play around the yard. Normally I am all for bare feet, but considering the recent glass incident and bee stings, it’s just gonna save me money in the long run : )

A few years ago this happened! Amazing nature strikes again! This was something we enjoyed watching from the safety of the house through the window! Is it not the coolest thing!? Honeybees are really fascinating! Watch out, they sting!



Cicadas are also kid-tastic creatures we find (and hear) in our backyard. My kids can really scare me with a cicada shell! We heard one buzzing around and followed it to this branch. I’m not sure if he was on his last leg/limb or not but he was so interesting and fun to watch.



Iris = my favorite flower



Flowers are in abundance here, but not with any help from me! I love it when something grows just because God made it grow! My thumbs are pretty black : )






Our yard in the spring has some beautiful colors.


But Fall is my favorite!

IMG_3707fall 2014 iphone pics 206IMG_6159

fall 2014 iphone pics 212

Everyday there is something new to discover about the world. It’s obvious there is a creative God! We can see it when we take the time to look!

How many are your works, Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.

Psalm 104:24




I’m thankful to have a yard where my kids can run around and discover things. Even the ones that don’t smell so nice…or might sting me…or could eat me!



The best part is that I get to see them get excited about the little things!

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