My new favorite Pumpkin Bread Recipe

I occasionally like to cook things…and eat them. My children are picky eaters these days so to cook something extravagant and beautiful sometimes seems like a wasted effort (except to improve my lack of culinary skills). I really do like making food and the process of adding ingredients together to result in something delicious. Oh, there have been plenty of times when the result was not so delicious!

This past February, my thoughtful husband splurged and got me a Kitchen Aid Mixer. It’s aqua and I love it. I love the way it says to me, “Now you can mix anything your heart desires at lightning speed!” I love the way it sits on the counter looking so aqua-y. It is definitely a sweet machine!

Well, since he did buy me such a thoughtful gift, I try to use it weekly. The kids love helping me make things in the kitchen so when they see me scooting the mixer out on the counter, they go straight for the step-stool. Then they struggle over who will get to stand closer to me.  And sometimes we push the mixer right back under the cabinet altogether! It’s always a learning experience for everyone!

Some of my favorite things to mix up and bake are breads and cakes. Today I tried out this recipe I found over at It is a “healthy” version of my favorite bread/loaf from Starbucks. New favorite!

IMG_7673-2  IMG_7691-2 IMG_7699-2IMG_7712-2IMG_7713-2  IMG_7715-2IMG_7726-2

  Well maybe not too healthy!

But very delicious!


Until next time!

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