Stenciled Storage Box DiY

I always keep an eye out for cute storage bins. Whenever my husband and I decide to clean out anything: toys, clothes, etc. we always joke about bins, he’ll say, “We need some bins,” every time! Well, one of those times, in a desperate attempt to remove the clutter of the random toy collection growing out of control, he ended up bringing home MASSIVE, UGLY plastic bins from Wally World. I mean, you could fit all three of our children inside one of these things (which they loved)! And he bought two of them! In went the toys, away went the clutter and we haven’t opened the thing since (it’s been nestled in the closet taking up space for the past 6 months)! The other is going to be a donate/yard sale bin. Very sad that we had so much stuff and don’t even miss it. What’s a momma to do?

Anyway, on to the DiY! Just about everywhere you look in stores today you can probably find a variety of cute, adorable, multipurpose bins. A while back, I had my eye on these cute dishes from anthropologie. I thought they would be so cute to use to display and photograph my jewelry. I was perusing the local TJMaxx and found some so similar, I forgot all about the other ones! They were perfect, a set of four, for nearly the price of one at anthro. And they were packaged in this cute little wooden box!IMG_7562-2It’s a soft wood box, roughly 6 x 9 inches and could be used for storing all sorts of goodies! I thought I would give it a little design-love.

IMG_7560-2Here’s what I used for this DiY:

~ stencil pack

~ white acrylic paint

~ painter’s tape

~ foam circle brush

~ my BOX!

I decided where I wanted the stencil to go and taped it to the box securely.

IMG_7564-2 IMG_7565-2Then I dabbed a little paint on my foam brush and started to “pounce” the paint on to the wood, just lightly enough to cover the wood.

IMG_7567-2 IMG_7568-2 IMG_7570-2I peeled back the tape and carefully removed the stencil to reveal a very cute design for my box!

IMG_7572-2 IMG_7573-2IMG_7571-2Woo Hoo!

IMG_7575-2Cute, Cute, Cute!

Then I continued to place, tape and paint the remaining sides and let it dry! I only painted one set of hexagons around the box because I really do love the beauty of the wood!

Here are some of the possible uses for my new and improved storage box in all its glory.

IMG_7580-2Napkin Holder

IMG_7584-2Book Storage in Living Room (my little helper liked this idea)

IMG_7585-2A Nifty Wipes Box


Although I already use this cool chevron fabric bin found here as my wipes holder : )

IMG_7591-2In the Craft Room holding my spools of velvet ribbon (notice here are some of the CUTE bowls that came in the box!)

IMG_7594-2Book Holder on the Side table in master bedroom (yes, I know, this room is needing some design TLC!)

So where would you put the box? I’m letting it live in the bedroom for now. We’ll see where it ends up. I really like its new retro look. Maybe this will inspire a bedroom makeover! It all started with a box!

Until next time!

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