Pretty Pantry Labels

We’ve lived in our house nearly a year and a half now and it seems like every time I open the pantry door it looks a little dull. It started as a bare little closet and my dear husband installed awesome wire shelves to fill up with all our food… so that’s what I did. I filled it with all sorts of things, and it was NOT very orderly! Throughout the past year I’ve done a couple of clean outs but every time it would still become a jumbled mess.  Sigh.

So I thought I would at least try a little harder this go-around. I decided to make some cute little labels! And I was even able to use items I already had on hand! Here’s what I used:Image

~ scrapbook paper (I already had some laminated)


~brown craft labels

~chalkboard labels

~chalk marker


~poster putty

I measured the wire ledge and cut my laminated paper to fit. Then I put a craft label on each piece.Image

I thought about the different foods I store in the pantry and made a list of general categories. Then I wrote them on the labels with a black sharpie.


I put a couple of globs of putty on the backs of each label and stuck them to the wire shelf, simple as that! The putty holds great and I was able to rearrange them easily when I found I needed more room for certain categories.



I was able to put all my pantry items back into a specific space so it should make unloading groceries much easier! I know this is a VERY simple organizational step for the pantry but I think it’s gonna make a big difference.


Now, to conquer the bag monster living and growing on the pantry floor! AHHHHHHH!

ImageAnyone else have any pantry organizational ideas? I know you do! Oh, I forgot to mention my cute little candy box! I used the awesome chalkboard labels and chalk marker (some of my faves at the moment)! I will stash my chocolate up there, away from curious hands! Fortunately, my kiddos can’t read yet so the candy is ALL MINE!

Until next time!

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